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1. Tournament teams will be selected by ballot of league coaches. The top 9 vote winners will be placed on the team. The head coach and his coaching staff must add at least 3 players and not more than 6 players. (Cal Ripken Rule: Minimum 12 players, Maximum of 15)

2. The selection process shall be as follows: Each team may nominate up to 5 players for each tournament team. All nominated players must have played in half of the team’s regular season games unless the board approves a medical exception. Selection will be by ballot of league coaches. Coaches may not vote for anyone from their own team, and must vote for at least 8 players.

3. All 9 year olds playing in Junior League are eligible for post-season Tournament team. (In event that coach cannot fill rosters based on eligible players, they may look to Rookie League players)

4. Each player selected to a tournament team will be required to pay a fee equal to Summer League participation plus additional costs of individual uniforms.

5. The league policy is to pay for half of the cost of team jackets and pay the entire cost of State Championship jackets. However, the League’s contribution towards the purchase of team jackets is contingent on the availability of funds.

6. Umpires for scrimmages: League pays for umpires (2 for 11 and 12’s, 1 for 10’s and 9’s) for up to 3 games per team. After the completion of the 3rd game, it becomes the responsibility of the Head Coach to arrange umpire services.

7. The league will reimburse the cost of hotel rooms or lesser overnight accommodations for head coach and rostered coaching staff at regional and national tournaments. League will only pay the base rate for rooms, and not upgrades, or add-ons. Paying of housing expense is contingent on the availability of league funds and approval of the Board of Directors.

8. Payment of travel expenses of league president to state/regional/national tournaments will be determined on a case-by-case basis, and is contingent on the availability of league funds and approval of the Board of Directors.