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At the Babe Ruth level, players from 13 to 16 are eligible to play in a league where the continued enjoyment of the game is stressed, and younger players are able to learn how to adjust from the 50/70 `Cal Ripken’ field to the full diamond with the mound 60 feet, 6 inches from the plate and 90-foot basepaths.  

Commitment / Schedule
The Babe Ruth schedule is typically run from the end of May to the beginning of July and consists of 8-10 games with playoffs. Games are held during the week and, depending on field availability and weather, you can plan on at least 1 practice and 2-3 games each week once the season is underway.  Weeknight games or practices will start around 6pm. Players at this level will be considered for our All-Star program.

Babe Ruth teams are selected by league officials and that year’s managers. Teams are slightly larger than Cal Ripken rosters, typically 12-14 players. Babe Ruth has the largest boundaries in the GKYBSA, drawing players from numerous Cal Ripken and Little League divisions, including, but not limited to Keene Cal Ripken, Swanzey Cal Ripken, ConVal Cal Ripken, Hinsdale Cal Ripken and Mount Monadnock Little League.  

Developmental Guidelines for Babe Ruth Baseball
Players entering Majors should be able to demonstrate the following skills:

Players should have more than a basic command of fielding, catching, throwing, batting and base running. They also understand appropriate actions in game situations, such as when and where to make put-outs, how to steal bases, how to tag-up on fly balls, how to execute cut-offs, etc..

Experienced umpires officiate Babe Ruth games.

In case of injury that prevents a child from participation in a game, a letter from the child’s parents will be required for the child to return to league activity. Children with a cast on an arm or hand that prevents them from gripping the bat properly will not be allowed to participate in games or practices. Players should not return to play without a note of clearance from Doctors or parents.