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U-8 Softball Division


The goal of the 8U Division of  Keene Babe Ruth Softball is to teach the basics of batting, running, fielding and pitching. This is the first year playing softball for most individuals and first time that teams keep score of their games, although winning should not be the most important thing.  The emphasis is on learning to play as a team and having fun. The expanded strike zone in U-8 Division of Babe Ruth Softball (chins to shins) allows all ability levels to progress. We strongly encourage coaches to play children at various positions, although the child’s safety is highest priority.  Children aren’t expected to play (for instance) first base or catcher until they are comfortable catching a thrown ball.

Drafting Rules

  1. The order of the draft will be determined by lottery on or before draft night. Draft order will be reversed from the selected number on the even rounds of the draft. Example: Draft order 1-9 for round 1, 9-1 for round 2, etc.
  2. Children and grandchildren of manager’s (only) are automatically placed on the manager’s team before the start of the draft.
  3. Two assistant coach's may be named before the start of the draft.  Assistant Coach’s children are automatically added to the team’s roster before the start of the draft.
  4. All teams will draft until they have 5 players and then they will discontinue drafting until all other teams have filled to 5 players. All teams will then resume drafting until all players have been drafted.
  5. If a player drafted has an eligible brother/sister in the draft, the sibling will be added to the roster immediately.


Playing Rules

The Official Softball Division of Babe Ruth Rules and Regulations will apply, except as noted by the Greater Keene Youth Baseball and Softball Association. 

8U Division of Keene Babe Ruth Softball Playing Rules detailed below:

At least 1-1/2 hr. or 2 hr. Max of scheduled start time (inning in progress is allowed to complete; No new inning may begin within 15 minutes of required end time (8pm*). Official start time will be agreed upon by umpires if present. If no umpire is present, start time will be agreed upon by coaches.
8U Division
Ball Size 11"
Min.# of players to start game 8
# players on field Min - 6 (complete infield) Max - 10 (up to 4 in outfield)
Substitutions •Free Substitution •No change to batting order
Minimum play time per player • 1/2 the game
• 2 innings of infield***Unless The game is shortened due to time or mercy***
Pitching Distance 35 ft.
Game time 6 Innings
Min. Game Time 4 Innings (3-1/2 if home team is ahead)
Leading No
Stealing No
Head First Slide No
Batting All Players Bat through order
Bunting Allowed No
Drop 3rd Strike No
Scoring No
  • First 5 pitches are from a pitching machine
  • Then Ball is put on a tee for the remainder of the at bat for the first 5 games of the season.
HBP Limits NA
Strike Outs Yes (starting on the 6th game)- 3 Strikes ***Players need to learn sriking out are part of the game*** 
Walks allowed Yes (starting on the 6th game) 4 Balls ***Players need to learn walks are part of the game***
Run Rule• 6 runs per half inning (No continuation) or 3 Outs 
• 6th Inning or designated last inning - no limit 
Req'd game End timeAt least 1-1/2 hr or 2 hr Max of scheduled start time (inning in progress is allowed to complete; No new inning may begin within 15 minutes of required end time (8pm*). Official start time will be agreed upon by umpires if present. If no umpire is present, start time will be agreed upon by coaches.
Umpires Coaches
Playoffs No
Overthrows No Advancement on bases on an overthrow
Infield Fly Rule No
Cleats Rubber
Everyone must wear a catchers mask when catching for a pitcher Yes (BR-Rule) 
*** City of Keene ordinance no inning may begin after 8pm on a non-lighted field***  
 ***Any rule not addressed above, refer to Official Babe Ruth Rule book*** 
* BR = Official Babe Ruth Rules*  





In case of injury that prevents a child from participation in a game, a letter from the child’s parents will be required for the child to return to league activity. Children with a cast on an arm or hand that prevents them from gripping the bat properly will not be allowed to participate in games or practices. Players should not return to play without a note of clearance from Doctors or parents.



  1. Anyone wishing to become a manager in any league must fill out the application for manager/coach position and return it to the league commissioner. All Coaches will be subject to a Nationwide background check with NH State Police.
  2. All Coaches must have completed Babe Ruth League/Ripken Softball Coaching Certification Program. Coaches who successfully pass the Babe Ruth League Coaching Education and Certification Program will receive a certification that is valid for their entire coaching career with Babe Ruth League, Inc. This also applies to any coach who has already taken and successfully passed the Babe Ruth Coaching Education and Certification Program.
  3. All managers will be subject to a performance review by the Board of Directors.
  4. Managers must return all equipment at the end of the season as directed by the league commissioner.
  5. Any Manager or Coach who is ejected from the game will result in banishment from that game plus the following two games. Coaches may not attend games from which they are suspended. If a player or coach is ejected twice in a season, the minimum penalty shall be suspension for the remainder of the season, including playoffs.

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