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Spring Major League


At the Majors level, coaches increase the instructional focus on baseball strategies and tactics while continuing to reinforce the fundamental skills. Most players in Majors will be 11 and 12 years-old, although qualified 10 year-olds may also be drafted onto Majors teams if they attend the Player Assessments. Players are introduced to a 70’ base path and 50’ pitcher’s mound distance at this level. Leading, stealing and balks are now introduced as well as most baseball rules apply.

Commitment / Schedule
At the Major League level the commitment can grow, depending on the coach/team.  You can plan on at least 1 practice and 1-2 games each week, once the season is underway.  Weeknight games or practices will start around 6pm.  The season will typically begin around May 1 and runs for approximately 6 weeks.  Players at this level will be considered for our All Star program.


Majors teams are drafted by Managers using information from Player Assessments.  
Teams consist of 10-12 players 

Developmental Guidelines for Majors

Players entering Majors should be able to demonstrate the following skills:

  • Players should have command of the basic skills of fielding, catching, throwing, batting and base running. They also understand appropriate actions in game situations, such as when and where to make put-outs, how to steal bases, how to tag-up on fly balls, how to execute cut-offs, etc..

  • Players who don’t meet the developmental guidelines for Majors, should remain in Minors for an additional season.

Majors Division Details
  • Players compete for positions and playing time, no player shall sit out 2 consecutive innings- defensive substitution is encouraged!.  

  • Teams observe continuous batting- the batting order includes all players on the team.

  • “Real” baseball rules apply- bunting, stealing, balks, etc. (no slash bunting)

  • Games last a maximum of six innings.

  • Scores and game results are kept- season standings are tracked.

  • Majors teams participate in an end of the season playoff tournament

  • Teams will typically have 1 practice and 1-2 games each week. The season, which begins in late April and ends in mid June, includes approximately 12 games.


  • Experienced umpires officiate at Majors games.


In case of injury that prevents a child from participation in a game, a letter from the child’s parents will be required for the child to return to league activity. Children with a cast on an arm or hand that prevents them from gripping the bat properly will not be allowed to participate in games or practices. Players should not return to play without a note of clearance from Doctors or parents.


Last Revised February 2023

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