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Greater Keene Youth Baseball and Softball Association

Spring Pee Wee League


The goal of the Pee Wee League is to provide a baseball experience that is fun, safe and challenging. We encourage coaches to play children at various positions, although the child’s safety is highest priority.  Children aren’t expected to play (for instance) first base until they are comfortable catching a thrown ball. Children at the Pee Wee level will learn the basic principles of:

  • the importance of listening to the coach
  • what it means to be on a team
  • the various positions in the field
  • how to bat in a batter’s box with two hands always on the bat
  • how to field the ball properly


Roster size will be determined on an annual basis. Teams will consist of six and seven year-olds.  Six year olds, who have never played before, may choose to play tee ball.

Drafting Rules

  • The order of the draft will be determined by lottery on or before draft night. Draft order will be reversed from the selected number on the even rounds of the draft. Example: Draft order 1-9 for round 1, 9-1 for round 2, etc.
  • All teams will draft until they have 9 players and then they will discontinue drafting until all other teams have filled to 9 players. All teams will then resume drafting until all players have been drafted.
  • A maximum of up to two children and grandchildren of manager’s (only) are automatically placed on the manager’s team (at the manager’s option) before the start of the draft.
  • One assistant coach may be named before the start of the draft.  Assistant Coach’s children may be added to the team’s roster before the start of the draft, as long as roster age limitations are not violated AND the number of automatically placed players on the team does not exceed two players.  If coaches have more than two players the additional players will be drafted by the team before selecting another player.
  • If applicable, when the number of automatically placed players exceeds two players, the Board will decide the draft position of the Coach’s child, which will subsequently determine the draft position surrendered by the drafting team to obtain the Coach’s child. If the Coach has multiple children, the highest draft position will determine the draft position surrendered, hence standard sibling draft rules apply.
  • If a player drafted has an eligible brother/sister in the draft, the sibling will be added to the roster immediately.

Playing Rules


  • Adults will pitch the whole season to the players using a mechanical pitching machine that is placed close to the mound, but that throws strikes consistently to the team at bat. 
  • The fielder at the pitcher's mound should be positioned slightly behind and a few feet to the side of the coach that is pitching.


  • A rotating batting order will be used, i.e. all players bat, whether playing in the field or not.
  • All players will come to bat during both the first inning and the second inning.
  • Starting in the third inning, each team will bat 9 batters or until the third out of the inning, whichever comes first. This batting rotation will run through the end of the game.
  • Each batter will get 6 pitches when a player reaches the maximum allowed pitches they shall hit the ball off a T

  • When the last batter is up in each inning, the play ends when the ball is caught in the air, or thrown to a base to which a runner can advance (the throw doesn't have to be caught).
  • Each team will announce when the last batter is up in each inning.
  • Each team is encouraged to have a bench coach responsible for getting the on-deck batter ready to hit.  
  • Base coaches and bench coaches should be adults and can be parents of the players.
  • If a batter or base runner is declared out at a base, the player will return to the bench. Coaches will act as the umpire and make all out and safe calls. 


  • All games will be played on fields with 60' bases
  • Scores and standings will NOT be kept in the Pee Wee League.
  • All players must play in the field by the second inning and with a roster of 12 or fewer players should not sit out more than one inning per game.
  • Each team will field ten players: four infielders, four outfielders (all to be a minimum of 15 feet in the outfield) a pitcher and a catcher.  A coach should be placed behind the catcher to retrieve passed balls in order to speed up the game. However, catchers should return ball to pitcher.
  • There is no stealing and no bunting.
  • No inning shall start after 7:45 pm when darkness is an issue. Determine the official watch to be used before the start of the game.  Note: the last out of the previous inning is the start time for the next inning. 
  • Play stops and the ball is dead when a player appears to be injured.
  • Games can be played with as few as 7 players.   If a team has fewer than 7 players and nobody from the other team wants to play for the team short players, the game will be rescheduled.  There will not be any forfeits.
  • Coaches will determine whether to stop a game if it starts to rain during the game. (Note: only the League President can call off games before they start).
  • Foul territory is from the first and third base lines to the out-of- bounds line.
  • Play stops as soon as an attempt to make a play at a base has been made. Runners may not advance on overthrows.
  • Once an attempt to make a play at a base has been made, runners that are more than half way to the next base will be allowed to advance to the next base unless they have been forced or declared out, runners less than half way will return to the previous base at no risk.
  • Defensive team coaches are encouraged to consider rotating the infielders and outfields half way thru the batting order.
  • Umpiring is the responsibility of the coaches and adults helping the coaches.  The coach or adult helping the coach closest to the play should make the appropriate umpires call.
  • Each team is responsible for providing one umpire for each game.


In case of injury that prevents a child from participation in a game, a letter from the child’s parents will be required for the child to return to league activity. Children with a cast on an arm or hand that prevents them from gripping the bat properly will not be allowed to participate in games or practices. Players should not return to play without a note of clearance from Doctors or parents.


  • Anyone wishing to become a manager in any league must fill out the application for manager/coach position and return it to the league commissioner. The Board will review the applications annually. The Board of Directors will approve all managers. All Coaches will be subject to a national background check.
  • All Coaches must have completed Babe Ruth League/Ripken Baseball Coaching Certification Program. Coaches who successfully pass the Babe Ruth League Coaching Education and Certification Program will receive a certification that is valid for their entire coaching career with Babe Ruth League, Inc. This also applies to any coach who has already taken and successfully passed the Babe Ruth Coaching Education and Certification Program.
  • All managers will be subject to a performance review by the Board of Directors.
  • Managers must return all equipment and uniforms at the end of the season as directed by the equipment manager.

Last Revised April 2015

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