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Greater Keene Youth Baseball and Softball Association

Spring Tee Ball League


T-ball is open to all 5 and 6-year-old first-time players. T-ball is an introduction to baseball focused on having fun while learning the fundamentals of baseball, teamwork, and sportsmanship.


Team roster size will be determined on an annual basis but kept at approximately 6-9 players. No previous skills or experience are required to register for T-ball.

Commitment / Tentative Schedule
T-Ball is low commitment - perfect for little kiddos!!  You can plan on 1 practice and 1 game each week, once the season is underway.  Weeknight games or practices will start around 6pm.  Games are often scheduled on Saturdays.  The season will begin around May 1 and will run for approximately 6 weeks.

Playing Rules 

  • T-ball games last a maximum of 4 innings or 1 hour.

  • Each inning, every player bats using a semi-cushioned T-ball and plays in the field.  Players rotate positions in the infield/outfield. Teams are encouraged to change the batting order each inning (ex 1-10, then flip 10-1).

  • There will be a coach at home plate helping the batters line-up, etc.

  • Baserunners advance 1 base at a time- no advancement on over-throws.

  • Players who are “put-out” running the bases will return to the bench.

  • No scores are kept

  • Last batter of the inning will be announced and will run the bases accordingly- not just a “HR”.

  • Teams will typically have 1 practice and 1-2 games each week.  The season, which begins in late April and ends in mid June, includes approximately 12 games.

Tee Ball League Safety/Playing Guidelines

  • The offensive team's coach should place the ball on the tee.
  • Only one bat should be out of the bat bag at a time. There is no swinging a bat while "on deck"
  • Runners coming into home plate should tag home plate. Coaches should remove the tee between each batter. 
  • All batters and base-runners must wear an approved batting helmet.
  • Coaches may assist batters if they are having difficulty hitting the ball.  There are no strikeouts in Tee Ball.  All batters hit until they put the ball in play.
  • Please make sure to teach players to drop rather than “throw” their bat after they hit the ball. 


In case of injury that prevents a child from participation in a game, a letter from the child’s parents will be required for the child to return to league activity. Children with a cast on an arm or hand that prevents them from gripping the bat properly will not be allowed to participate in games or practices. Players should not return to play without a note of clearance from Doctors or parents

Last Revised February 2023

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